Who is winning ... and where? Which polls should we trust?

As Americans focus on November 3rd, there's been plenty of speculation, questions and skepticism about polling.

Earlier this week, Daron Shaw, a member of the FOX News Decision Desk and co-director of the FOX News Poll, discusses the science of polling and what pollsters are doing different this election season than years past.

Shaw explained why some polls are more trusted than others, how the media can misinterpret them and what red flags the average person should look for when they're reading about a political poll. He also discussed Donald Trump's shocking win in 2016 and what pollsters got wrong and right four years ago.

The conversation was too long and we could https://radio.foxnews.com/wp-admin/edit.phpnot include everything in our original segment. On the FOX NEWS Rundown Extra, you will hear our full interview with Daron Shaw and learn everything you need to know about polling before Election Day.