On November 11th, 1620 Christian Pilgrims from Europe landed on Plymouth Rock. They were fleeing religious persecution and the tyranny of “might is right.” They believed in the hope of self-government and the freedom to worship as they saw fit. It was outlandish and without precedent. The DNA of the freedoms we enjoy in America today, was conceived by those 102 souls tired of political/religious wars where the victor dictated how the victimized would serve their God. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Historian William Federer charts the prequel of the Pilgrims voyage on the Mayflower; the Protestant Reformation, King Henry VIII decreeing himself head of the Christian Church in England, the conquests of Islam and the Ottoman Turks, and the treaties and alliances forged to gain economic control and/or thwart an invasion. All of these parts of history coalesced paving the way for those handful of settlers to seek new land; finding it and forging new friendships with the Natives that would help them survive the harsh conditions. Then as it is today, the choice for Christians was greed versus the Gospel. They fled greed and brought a more just understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the New World, where it flourishes. Whether or not it continues to flourish may depend on its citizens not forgetting the past.