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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt discussed how the left should be celebrating how the Trump Administration should get more credit from the left for the success of the American energy economy.

"For the President and for our country as a whole, this energy economy is powerful here. But it's also powerful abroad because it means that we're not handcuffed to the whims and whims of radical dictators and broad and drug into unstable places that we don't need to be. And it really has been a game changer internationally. We have some radicals on the left in Congress that have said to me, we need to ban development and leasing on federal lands. And I say, you know, the first thing you ought to do before you do that, pick up the phone and call the Democratic Governor of New Mexico and ask her how she'll feel if we turn off the billion dollar a year check we send her."