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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Marc Lotter from the Trump campaign discussed how Joe Biden is hiding from questions regarding his son Hunter Biden and other issues like packing the Supreme Court.

"I think he's absolutely trying to avoid being asked about Hunter Biden and court packing and everything else that he's hiding from. These stories are unbelievable and the American people deserve an answer. Whether he gives it to you this week, you can bet the President is going to press the point on Thursday at that debate, because we've now seen the e-mails. Fox has even confirmed the contents from an outside source that that email was real, that Hunter Biden was selling access to his father while he served as Vice President of the United States. And it's something that we should know about. Joe Biden should explain why he's lied to us over and over again when he said he had no discussions with his son about their business interests. We now know that not to be true."