President Trump has been back at the White House all week after he spent last weekend at Walter Reed Medical Center. Since contracting the virus he’s had no rallies or public appearances, but on Thursday White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said the President can return to public events on Saturday. Chris Wallace, Host of Fox News Sunday , discusses how the President’s Covid diagnosis has hurt his campaign and then takes a look ahead at next week’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

In past elections we would say Election Day, but not in 2020. Because so many voters intend to use mail-in ballots this year, many experts believe it will be more like an election month. But delayed election results are not the only concerns with mail-in ballots. President Trump says the practice could lead to voter fraud. Eric Shawn, Fox News Senior Correspondent, discusses the growing concerns and legal battles over mail-in ballots and why both political parties are concerned about so many Americans choosing to vote by mail.

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Plus, commentary by Robert Jeffress, Fox News contributor and pastor of the Dallas First Baptist Church.