On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) explained why he's opposed to stimulus checks and why he thinks President Trump wanted to end negotiations for a bill to provide relief for the country from the coronavirus.

"It was doomed from the start. Pelosi thinks that she gains political points by keeping the country shut down. Is that even fair? No. You look at some of her wish list, legalizing ballot harvesting, what has that got to do with the COVID virus? Canceling the voter I.D. laws, the tax cuts that she had in there for New York through the SALT deduction, stimulus for illegal immigrants, nothing to do with getting this country back to work. I'm opposed to the twelve-hundred dollars I think you open in the country back up. But the Democrats just not going do that because I think it helps the President. They will do anything to stop this President. And again, I think the public is smarter than that."