Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the signing of historic Mideast peace deals between Israel and two Gulf nations. Senator Loeffler praised the peace deals Saying,

"Well, it truly was significant. In fact, I just walked off the Senate floor and out the door before I was able to come over and speak with you all. I was chatting with my colleague, Senator Ted Cruz, and we were talking about sitting there watching this historic moment unfold and just feeling so humbled to be a part of this moment. This is the fulfillment of promises made and kept by President Trump from day one. Truly historic to see the leaders from UAE and Bahrain on the stage with Netanyahu and President Trump truly historic and important. I mean, this is a fulfillment of the president's promise of ongoing building peace through strength. That's been his M.O. on foreign policy from day one. He's delivered at every step along the way, whether it's dealing with North Korea or Iran and now bringing peace to the Middle East. This very historic and certainly Nobel peace or the agreement."

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