North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis (R) spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about his recent debate against his Democrat opponent. Senator Tillis slammed his opponent Cal Cunningham (D) for saying he would be 'Hesitant' to take a coronavirus vaccine if approved this year. Tillis said,

"They're actually trying to do everything they can to discredit the president, the administration, the work that I'm doing in the Senate to provide real relief. Now, Cal Cunningham will say anything to get elected."

Tillis also said,

"Well, here's the funny part about it. Cal Cunningham's own campaign had ads out there saying Trust Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci has confidence in the FDA process. The FDA would never want to tarnish its reputation and approve something too soon. Neither would the private labs that are working on the vaccine. It would be devastating."

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