On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Acting Customs & Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan discussed why this is the year America will see the President Trump’s promise of more of the border wall being added.

“I have no hesitancy at all to say by the end of this calendar year, we’re going to meet and probably exceed our goal that we promised for a very long time of 450 miles of border wall. And again, I’ll go back, it’s not the President’s vanity wall. This is something that the President, unlike previous presidents, actually went to the border asked Border Patrol agents, what are the tools you need? One of the tools, among many that they said that they needed, was a border wall system with integrated lighting and technology and access roads to be able to increase our operational capacity. And today, of all days on 9/11, we should be applauding this effort because our ability to know what and who is coming across our border because of the tools this President has given us, like the wall, has exponentially improved our ability to protect the the homeland. That’s not a political statement, that is coming from the guy who is the acting commissioner. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it, talked to the Border Patrol agents who live it every day. That’s the truth. Those are the facts.”