On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano expressed his disappointment in the Department of Justice & Attorney General William Barr for their involvement in a defamation lawsuit involving President Trump.

"What the DOJ has effectively done, by asking a federal judge to substitute the federal government of the United States as the defendant for Donald J. Trump in his private capacity, would be to bar the lawsuit, because if the federal government is the defendant, the federal government is not capable of defaming anybody. So effectively the lawsuit would go away. Well, that can't happen because the court in New York has already decided it's a viable lawsuit. And Trump did not elect to appeal that decision. Basically, Bill Barr is becoming the Roy Cohn that Donald Trump has been looking for to get him out of legal problems that he created on his own. I'm disappointed and shocked that the DOJ would be used for something like this. I don't know if he what what interaction he had with this woman, and I don't know if the statement he made is defamatory, but a jury will decide those things and Trump will pay his own legal bills in a just world rather than having a taxpayer pay for them."