On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Bryan Steil, who flew with President Trump on Air Force One to survey the situation in Kenosha, Wi, explained how he got President Trump involved and the results they were able to see of themselves.

"I really hope it's a wakeup call that people in all communities want to feel safe, everyone. And as this violence and criminal activity spirals out of control, it needs to be stopped. When this began in the state of Wisconsin, I was one of the few people out there at the very beginning saying we need to get resources into this community of Kenosha, our community, immediately to put an end to criminal behavior. And like you said on social media, people attack.But ultimately, we are proven right. That's where I called the President. He agreed to provide those resources. And finally, after three nights of this and to his credit, the Governor changed his mind. That's a big step. He changed his mind on Wednesday and said, OK, I'm going to work with the President. Enough is enough. We got the resources into Kenosha. We put an end to the criminal behavior and the violence. We reestablished public safety. And we need to see more elected leaders do that earlier to prevent these types of events from spiraling out of control in the first place. Criminal activity should never be tolerated."