Geraldo is on a short list of American personalities who can be known by one name.

One of the reasons Geraldo Rivera earned that honor was a successful daytime series that ran from 1987 to 1998 called, "Geraldo."

The legendary journalist and Fox News correspondent-at-large recently returned to the Rundown and spoke with host Lisa Brady about his years as TV talk show host and the latest installment of his Fox Nation series, "I Am Geraldo: 50 Years."

In the segment, Geraldo discussed some of the famous and infamous moments he had during those 11 years including an on-air brawl he had with white supremacists. Besides discussing the celebrity, wealth and broken nose that period of his life brought, he also discussed his decades-long relationship with Donald Trump and some of the problems America is facing today.

Just like how "Geraldo" covered a lot of topics, so did the original interview and we could not include everything he had to say in one segment. On The Fox News Rundown Extra, we bring you our complete interview with Geraldo Rivera. You will hear more about the best and worst moments of his career as a successful talk show host and his thoughts on how this country has changed over the decades.