“Absolutely Shameful” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) On ‘Sarah’s Law’ Being Blocked By Senate Democrats

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst (R) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about Senate Democrat’s move to block legislation to close illegal immigration loopholes. Calling the move “Absolutely Shameful” and saying,

“So I did introduce a bill co-sponsored by many others, but of course, Chuck Grassley, Deb Fisher and Ben Sasse. This is an honor of a young woman, Sarah Root, who was tragically killed four years ago by an illegal immigrant that was driving drunk three times the blood alcohol level. He was arrested. He was taken to jail. And ICE declined to detain him. So he posted bond and he disappeared. So Sarah’s family, she was killed. She was 21-years-old young lady just graduated college, 4.0 student. Ironically was the very day of her graduation where she was struck and killed. Her. That beautiful, wonderful life ahead of her and her family has yet to see justice because this man was able to evade authorities. He was released, has evaded authorities and likely her family will never see that justice. So I did introduce this bill, very common sense. And it’s not wide sweeping immigration. It is simply closing a loophole that exists in the law today. It would force the ice to detain any illegal immigrant who has bodily injured or killed another person.”

Listen To The Full Interview Below: