On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) discussed what he hopes his appearance in the HBO movie The Swamp will do to shake up the Republican establishment and if he thinks Joe Biden and President Trump will actually have a debate.

"The belief in my mind is that the Biden camp is actually trying to lower expectations as much as possible so that like anything other than the former Vice President losing his way on the stage and like defecating himself would be a victory in their minds. So they're trying to keep those standards and those expectations as low as possible by floating these things, but there's going to be a debate."

"These people who have these fancy titles in Republican leadership, they have an obligation to tell the truth as well about the way that money influences who gets what roles. And I hope that more will do that. I hope that this movie is a rallying cry to the public to demand a more honest and accountable government. But when people like Liz Cheney rise to the top echelon of our party and then use that position to attack our members in primaries, then I think they need to be held to account. And that's why I've called for a change in that position."