On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis discussed how Democrats "weaponizing" mail-in ballots against President Trump and other candidates could call "absolute chaos" when trying to get an accurate vote on Election Night.

"The President talked about Florida and how that system actually is working the best way possible that it probably can in the context of mail-in voting. But that's been through significant changes that have taken a period of time to implement. That's not what we're seeing across the country. He tweeted just last week that this shouldn't take days, months, or years to figure out who wins the 2020 election, and not just the President, but all the way down ticket. You think about all of the elections that are going to be impacted by this. It's going to be absolute chaos unless the courts see through this political weaponizing of our election system."