On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier discussed why she supports schools being open again (and without masks) and why teachers should be considered essential works and go back into the schools.

"I am a big supporter of getting kids back to in-person schooling, especially those younger kids, kindergarten through third grade. It is so vital to them that they actually are around other children. I think that the long term consequences will be significantly more severe than of COVID itself if we don't get them back, so they're my priority. But I do understand that if community spread is high, and there's a lot of circulating cases around, it's going to be very difficult to contain outbreaks within schools. So for us in the Northeast, school starts in four or five weeks, that is ample time for us to lessen the spread. Unfortunately, people are traveling. I mean, you think we're in the midst of a global pandemic, that people wouldn't be going on trips, but they are. And you know what? I understand that we all feel that unrest and need to get out. But unfortunately, that's creating more community spread. I want to see my children back in school. I actually want them back in school not wearing masks. I do think there are smart ways that the schools are able to do it. I think that the governments need to really focus on the public schools that may not have the financial support to do it. I'm very frustrated and tired of listening to the union teachers saying that they don't want to go back because they fear for their safety. But what about all the other frontline responders? What about the grocery store workers? What about the bus drivers? Everyone is also scared of this virus that are working and they're doing everything they can to protect themselves, their family, and those around them from getting COVID-19. These teachers are essential workers. They are tasked with caring for our children and their development and they need to get back to work."