On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) explained why he thinks conservatives will not want to hand out more stimulus checks as part of a coronavirus relief bill.

"We don't have a piggy bank to go get this money. This country's debt is twenty-eight trillion and counting. The cruelest tax we can pass is on to the next generation to pay this debt back. And this was meant to be a lifeline. And I'm hoping that at the end of the day, the actual legislation will be something that is like the payroll tax, a great compromise, and not another cash outlay. I, along with some other conservatives, are going to have a hard time putting out more money, when it's money we don't have. So it'll be a debate. I don't know what the Senate will actually come up with, but it's not time to compromise on something. It's time to get the people back to work, get people back to their jobs, put children back in school, and then let's get the country back on the right track."