On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, George State Rep. and Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board Member Vernon Jones spoke out about the Biden campaign's recent attempt to win over African-American voters and why Joe Biden's claim about President Trump being racist is "a lie."

"One of the things that I've had to deal with in my stand in the party is expose the bigotry in the Democratic Party. They do not support African-Americans that are independent with conservative leanings. And they feel as though they have a captive audience that just because, and Joe Biden said it best, 'if you don't vote for him, you ain't black.' Well, I ain't is some jive talk, I guess., but he wouldn't say that a group of white women or white men. And at the same time, he believes that he has such a captive audience that because I am black and others, they're supposed to automatically vote for the Democratic Party. This President, Donald Trump, has done what no other President has done in recent years. I would say the past 40 years. He wants to earn the African-American vote and support. This president is making it where everybody has the opportunity for their American dream. Joe Biden is the real bigot. This President doesn't care what color you are. Joe Biden came out recently and said that the President was the first racist president. Well, that's a damn lie."