On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier explains while coronavirus deaths in the United States are down, it's still up to younger to keep vulnerable members of the population safe.

"As you are seeing rising cases right now, the death rate still remains quite low. And part of that is because we are protecting our vulnerable. Early on, before we knew that it was the elderly and those with chronic conditions who were severely affected, that we had a lot of deaths occurring, now that we are not seeing nearly as many because they are still being protected. And so maybe in that small microcosm, we are coming together as a nation. It's really hard to tell younger generations that actions they do right now will have some sort of results in four to six weeks. But because of that, everyone is clamoring the deaths are down, but we have to remember, deaths do have a lag. And so it's crucial that we remain vigilant in protecting those who may be vulnerable to this infection."