Alan Dershowitz: I Hope Jeffrey Epstein Had Videotapes Of Everyone

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Alan Dershowitz responded to the rumors that Jeffrey Epstein videotaped many of the people who attended parties at his various homes and their activities, especially since they would end any speculation about Dershowitz’s own behavior. Dershowitz also addressed the concerns over the safety of Epstein’s accused accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Failla: “There is a rumor going around that Jeffrey Epstein, your former client, had a video on everyone having sex.”

Dershowitz: “Oh, boy. I sure hope he did. I sure hope we did. That would be answering my prayers. I hope he videoed every aspect of his life from the day I met him to the day he died. That would be wonderful because it would prove that I did absolutely nothing wrong. So I want to hereby use your show to announce that I hereby waive any right to privacy of any video of me, any photograph of me. I want at all out there, because I never did anything wrong. Period.”


DERSHOWITZ: “I would hope they would keep her safe, because you’re right, there’s all this suspicion. As I said in beginning, I hope against hope that there are videotapes of all the people who had sex in Jeffrey Epstein’s various homes. That would be the best evidence for me in the world. I don’t know whether there are. He never told me there were videotapes.”