Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about President Trump’s speech from Mount Rushmore, the left’s continued push to defund police as crime soars across the nation, Black Lives Matter being a left leaning political movement which hurts minority families. Graham pushed back against people who say President Trump is a racist. Graham said “You can be dark as coal or an albino, If you like him, he likes you. If you don’t like him, he doesn’t like you….he’s equal opportunity basher and praiser.”

Senator Graham also discussed the NBA allowing players to display social justice messages on their uniforms. Graham feels the NBA is free to make whatever decision they want when it comes to social justice but believes you will not find anybody sporting Free Hong Kong on their jersey because the NBA is in the tank when it comes to China.

One area where Senator Graham disagrees with President Trump is the President Trump calling out Bubba Wallace and NASCAR’s banning the Confederate flag. Graham believes Bubba Wallace does not have anything to apologize for and said that NASCAR is trying to grow their sport and the Confederate flag is not a god way to grow your business

Plus, Senator Graham also discussed Colin Kaepernick calling the 4th of July a celebration of White Supremacy