On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Professor Alan Dershowitz discussed the problems both the Democratic and Republican Parties have with extremists in their ranks, and why "cancel culture" is wrong for both sides to traffic in.

"The Democratic Party has a problem. They may very well win this election, but they have a problem going forward. They're moving too far left. There are too many extremists in the Democratic Party. I think there are too many extremists in the Republican Party. I think our nation's tremendous competitive advantage is that we're a centrist country. We have thrived at the center. We are the only country in the 1920s and '30s that didn't move toward Communism and fascism in the Western world. And we benefited from it. And I think the movement today away from the center is hurting our country terribly. And I think young people are part of that movement. So it's not going to stop unless we do something about it and marginalize the extremes and push our country back to the center where liberals could debate conservatives. Today, you can't talk to each other, you're canceled if you say something people don't like."