Jonah Goldberg On The Removal Of Historical Statues

Jonah Goldberg, Editor in chief of & Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the removal of historical statues throughout the country. Goldberg said,

“I think that one way to really think about this. And I’ve written about this a bunch of times is that I think Western society, but American particular has something analogous to an auto immune disorder. You know, sometimes there are certain diseases that you get where you your immune system, which is supposed to be fighting off dangerous pathogens, intruders, Covid, 19, whatever, get so, so excited that it starts attacking healthy parts of your body and starts attacking healthy organs. And I think that’s sort of what’s happening in the body politic today in that, you know, look, I don’t think the the the arches who are tearing down a lot of these statues have a particularly sophisticated ideological point of view. They’re they’re radicals in the classic sense. And a radical doesn’t have come from the Greek or Latin for radical mean tearing up from the roots. They just want to tear things down. And I think for a lot of them, they’re just having fun and they’re idiots.”

Listen To The Full Conversation Below: