Guy Benson slammed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for deflecting blame on his nursing home policy by blaming the federal Government. Guy said,

"You can hear it in my voice that I'm a little disgusted. Maybe a lot disgusted by this. It is a complete incoherent red herring, non sequitur. One has nothing to do with the other. But that's what he keeps saying. He says it over and over again now it's his go to talking point because he's got nothing. There is no excuse. This was terrible, I think obviously terrible policy based on common sense. They went down that route anyway. They were derelict from the beginning, especially when it came to even counting nursing home deaths, when they realized they had a political problem on their hands. They tried to cover it up. And now he's punting over to the feds, blaming it on the the virus coming in from Europe. And Trump should have told him it. It's nonsense. It's gobbledygook. He's just babbling."

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