After weeks of pressure from protestors angered by the death of George Floyd, Congress has begun the first steps of passing legislation to address their demands for change.

However, despite the consensus that action must be taken, Senate Republicans and House Democrats are expected to clash over the issue and some of the details.

This week on the Fox News Rundown, host Dave Anthony spoke to two key lawmakers about how their respective parties could possibly reach a bipartisan deal.

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott and Texas Democrat Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee both shared the types of reforms they would like to see passed. They also weighed in on the death of George Floyd, recent high profile incidents of alleged police abuse and the issue of race in America.

Our interviews with the Senator and Congresswoman were too long and we could only include a portion of them in our original segments.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra you will hear the entire conversations with Sen. Scott and Rep. Jackson Lee. Besides the issue of police reform, both lawmakers did weigh in on other issues facing the country and you will now get a chance to hear everything they had to say to us.