On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) talks about how a member of the House Judiciary Committee called the CHOP zone in Seattle a "community garden," and why language like that is supposed to make people forget about the damage done.

"You're seeing this in Seattle, which used to be CHAZ, then it was CHOP, and next week it'll be CHIP and who knows what's gonna happen. But I can tell you that we just had a member in our committee referred to it as a community garden. So I don't understand the community garden thing that needs basically AR-15 guards around it that are checking your I.D. and trampling on people's rights. That's a heck of a community garden."

"I guess they figure if you say peaceful,often enough people will remember that there was hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage done. There were looters. There were rioters. We're just going to forget about it because you keep telling us it's peaceful. That's so Orwellian. It's an attempt to reconstruct history."