On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano called the Department of Justice's lawsuit against former National Security Advisor "shabby," and feels no judge will prevent the publication of Bolton's book.

"The Department of Justice has filed a complaint in which it asks a court to order John Bolton to tell his publisher that he has national security secrets in there and the publisher should not publish the book. That is a joke. If the DOJ really wanted to stop the book, they would sue the publisher and they would seek an immediate injunction against publishing the book until the court can review it and decide whether or not there are national security secrets in there. I'm sorry to say, this is a shabby lawsuit. The DOJ knows it. They filed that to preserve and protect the president's ego. This has nothing to do with national security secrets. How why can I say that? Because if you read the complaint, this is the DOJ's version of events. The book was cleared. The book was cleared by White House and NSC censors until Bob O'Brien, the new national security adviser who succeeded John Bolton, brought his own team in and they did a new review and they didn't clear the book. No judge on the planet will prevent the publication of a book where they request for the publication as an afterthought after it was already approved.