On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Nutley, NJ Lt. Detective Steve Rogers discussed President Trump's executive order on police reform moments after it was signed.

"It's a good start. I like the idea that he did not totally ban chokeholds, for example. He made it clear that when a police officer's life is in danger, that they would be able to use something like this. In addition to that, the mental health part of it was good. There needs to be some more funding for mental health. And cops are not psychologists and psychiatrists. So it's a good start. But my concern is this, we collectively have to make sure that the people of this country know that the police are not our enemies, the police are the good guys. And what we've seen take place over the past few weeks was a direct assault on law enforcement nationwide by Democrat Socialists. They have an agenda and the agenda is not to help the minority community. The agenda is to advance a Socialist agenda by having police officers surrender their police stations to watch them burn down and surrender their cities like we see in Seattle. And these Democrats support a lawless people instead of lawful people."