On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Adam Carolla talks about his new book, "I'm Your Emotional Support Animal: Navigating Our All Woke, No Joke Culture," and how he's discovered that politicians are not as smart as he once hoped.

"I grew up like thinking people are some sort of super-bright, intelligent, whatever. The thing that's been eye-opening for me is how dumb many of the politicians are. I just can't believe how intellectually what a deficit they're at. And when I hear some of these, just out the top of my head, like Mazie Hirono from Hawaii, when I hear her speak, I think this is just this is like one of my mom's dumb friends when I was growing up. It's not John Kennedy. There's nothing regal, she sounds like a person that's dumb. Forget about her politics, she's still having a difficult time putting thoughts together."