Fox News Radio's Guy Benson reacted to the Supreme Court ruling that rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination. Guy pushed back on criticism of Justice Neil Gorsuch, "So I've read some of the critiques and the pushback from constitutional conservatives, I think they make some fair points. I think it is wrong to say these three justices are the people who dissented in. The people who were on board with the dissent are a bunch of bigots who just want to see gay people fired. That is not fair. That's demagogic. I also think what Gorsuch has done. He's my favorite justice, just FYI. And I've said that for a long time. He is, I think, consistent. He applies. His principles and his judicial philosophy evenly, and I think in this case, he makes a strong case. On behalf of this conclusion and by the way, I'll add this, I am extra pleased that it was him and not, let's say, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg writing this decision because he also addressed religious liberty. I trust a huge case and a huge decision to the hands of Neil Gorsuch far more than I would to one of the more hardcore progressives on the court. And he certainly is not one of them. He's a conservative."

Benson also said,

"I think on principle, in the year 2020, given all the protections that are already afforded various classes of people and given the enormous strides that we've made in the LGBT community in terms of rights. This was an essential outcome. Whether you're thrilled about how we got to the outcome, whether you think it should have been on a legislative track, I think where we have gotten because of this decision makes us a more fair and just and equal country."

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