Benson: CHAZ Occupants Romanticizing The French Revolution: “This Is Super Radical Rhetoric”

Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson sounded off on the “Radical Rhetoric” coming from the occupants of the ‘Capital Hill Autonomous Zone'(CHAZ). Guy said,

“let’s rewind a little bit. He said, has anyone heard of the French Revolution? Here’s some here’s some wooing like the white girl woo at a concert. Woo! Woo!It’s like if the musician on stage mentions your home city. Anyone
here from. Fill in the blank. Anyone here from Omaha? Whew! Except this is about the French Revolution. Were they beheaded people? It was just a bloodbath in France. So he said yes. Back then, people put property and greed over the importance of lives and you know what happened to people who wouldn’t get on board? And a few people said Chope. He says, Say it louder. They chant, Chop. He said, one more time, louder, even louder. Chop. They’re talking about the guillotine, they’re talking about beheading people. This is super radical rhetoric and he’s saying we’re serious about this. That’s the message, we’re not going anywhere. And I think that there’s a bit of a problem, at least some concern when you have a movement that is waxing nostalgic and sort of romanticizing the French Revolution, which was a lawlis, as I said, a blood bath. Where people were brought up on a stage after show trials and their heads were cut off. And here you have a crowd in the Chaz or Tropp Zone of Seattle chanting enthusiastically about the guillotine. That’s just, you know, that that doesn’t really sit terribly well with me.”

Listen To The Full Monologue Below: