Much of the focus this week was on what happened in Minneapolis and the protests that George Floyd’s death generated across America.

While most demonstrations remained peaceful, many of them did to lead vandalism, looting and attacks on police officers.

The civil unrest sparked a debate over the best ways to control crowds and whether the National Guard should be used.

On the Fox News Rundown earlier this week, host Dave Anthony spoke to former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik about the nationwide protests and how local officials could bring peace to the streets.

Besides weighing in the on how he would be managing the violence, Kerik also discusses the death of George Floyd and the perception that many police officers harass and abuse the African-American community. New York City’s top cop agreed with Americans who think Floyd was murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, but blamed the media for portraying all cops as racists.

Kerik had a lot to say and we could not fit our entire conversation in the original segment that aired Thursday. On The Fox News Rundown Extra you will hear everything the former NYPD Commissioner had to say including his opinion on New York’s current mayor Bill DeBlasio.