On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Black Voices For Trump Co-Chair Pastor Darrell Scott explains why the left are being disappointed by the lack of racial tension during the unrest at the George Floyd protests.

“I really believe the left wing media is promoting this racist narrative to further their own purposes, to further their own political purposes. They’re fueling this racist divide. It comes around every four years, pin the racist on the Republican. While they were trying to advance a collusion narrative, you didn’t hear much about racism. When they were trying to have an impeachment, you didn’t hear much about racism. But it seems like they need to go back to their roots, and that is to play this race card. But it’s not as bad. You can even look at these riots, as horrible and despicable as these riots are, black people and white people are rioting side by side. And I haven’t seen any racial incidents in the riots where as you see blacks on one side fighting against whites on another side. These are not race riots.”