On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former NYPD Lt. Porcher talks about how almost all of the rioting and damage done to New York City after the George Floyd protests can be blamed on the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"Policy has since been dictated from City Hall and not One Police Plaza. The subject matter experts on policing emanate from One Police Plaza. However, subject matter experts in being morons emanate from City Hall, that being Mayor de Blasio. As a result, what he's trying to do, he's trying to straddle the fence. If you see what happened couple of days ago here in New York, we basically closed the gate after the horse escaped. We had mass pandemonium that existed with riotous behavior. We have cops getting stabbed. It's atrocious how this protest has been proven that one component's protesting and the other part is rioting. How this whole system has been managed has been a colossal failure. We have poor leadership and we have people that are not the subject matter experts, being the Mayor. And as a result, we as citizens are having our businesses looted, assaults are occurring against police officers and the landscape of New York City is being torn up as a result of a poor politician."