“They’re Not Coming Back” Jesse Watters: Predicts New Yorkers Will Leave City Because Leaders Can’t Keep City Safe

Jesse Watters, Cohost of The Five and Host of Watters World spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the riots and looting throughout New York City. Watters hit NYC’s leadership saying that,”They’ve lost the city before all this happened. People were leaving because of the taxes and the regulations and then the pandemic hit. No one wants to be in an urban situation. They want to live in their summer homes out in the Hamptons or in New Jersey. And then you can’t stop looting and rioting. So now it’s dangerous and they won’t let you have a firearm because of the regulation. So those three things combined, the taxes, the pandemic and the crime, you’re going to lose probably a quarter to maybe more of the tax base. They’re not coming back. And then you can’t pay for all your programs. The city can’t run well, they can’t keep it clean. And it’s going to become one of those hollowed out, you know, Baltimore situations.” Watters also proclaimed, “But it’s not a protest anymore. It’s a riot. And now it’s become criminal. And you’re talking about setting back the Manhattan economy after a pandemic. Well, this just set it back another year because who wants to open a store in Soho now after they saw that destruction, after the retail industry just got hammered? No one’s going back there.”

Listen To The Full Interview Below: