Guy Benson opened today's Guy Benson Show with a fiery monologue calling out politicians who are making "Social Justice Exceptions" to pandemic social-distancing guidelines. Benson said that, "Because if there's one thing we've heard from Fauci and Brix's and all of them is large groups of people are dangerous. It is a public health threat to have a bunch of people all in one place together, not socially distance. Dozens. Is a problem. Hundreds. Is a bigger problem. Thousands, tens of thousands, forget it. That is like a huge take away from the public health powers that be and the politicians acting on those recommendations in big, bold, glowing lights. We have gotten that message loud and clear. And yet over the last five or six days, we have these huge street demonstrations. Over the death of George Floyd and the larger issue of police brutality and race relations in this country." Benson continued by saying, "As I talked about several times yesterday. All of the guidelines about social distancing and masks wearing and six feet apart. That's all not just suddenly gone because there's a protest or a cause for protest. Those are still rather the epidemiological realities, the science, the public health information that we have to this very day."

Listen To Guy's Full Monologue Below: