It didn't take long for the coronavirus to inflict damage on the economy. One study estimates 100,000 small businesses will be closed for good and the Fed expects the unemployment rate to only get worse. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) discusses reopening the economy, the controversy over giving legal protections to employers who decide to reopen and the possibility of more Covid relief from Congress.

President Trump's ongoing feud with the media since he took office has only seemed to intensify during the coronavirus pandemic. Howard Kurtz, host of MediaBuzz on the Fox News Channel and The MediaBUZZmeter podcast joins today's 'Rundown' to discuss the President's relationship with the press during the outbreak, how former presidents have dealt with media coverage during crises in the past and how the 2020 election has taken a back seat due to the virus.

Plus, commentary by Guy Benson, host of "The Guy Benson Show"