Rep. Andy Biggs: Dr. Fauci “Scared The Crap Out Of Americans”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) went even further with his criticisms of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the medical recommendations the Coronavirus Task Force made in terms of the lockdown.

“The reality is he is scared the crap out of Americans. That’s what he’s done. And with his co-folks in the left wing media, they’ve scared people. You’ve got businesses that are afraid to open. They’re scared to death to open because someone is going to get sick or they get sick. He has scared people who have children and he is gone back and forth. I mean now you don’t wear a mask, people look at you. But it was just a month ago, when they were saying don’t wear a mask because that’s the perfect way to get sick, if you wear a mask. You don’t wear a mask if you are sick. So now this is gone to everybody supposed to wear a mask. Fauci has relied on bad models. He himself says we can’t rely on the models, Fauci said in his testimony two days ago, he’s responding to Rand Paul, ‘I don’t look at all this other stuff that you that you’re talking about. I’m just a scientist. I’m just looking at this data and this science.’ That means he’s not looking at the public health consequences of poverty, of stress, of people not getting treatments they need to get, who are afraid to go in and get screened for cancer or whoever had heart attacks and strokes. He doesn’t care about that. I shouldn’t say that. I don’t know if he cares or doesn’t care. But he doesn’t look at it. He doesn’t take into account any of his policy recommendations. He doesn’t care about the economic wreckage. That is thirty-six million people unemployed today, in just about two and a half months. This is the outrageousness of letting a guy in there who really doesn’t get it and Fauci also said ‘Look what you mean, going back to school in the fall? What do you mean, open it up? Universities, what do you mean, doing any of this stuff?’ And he’s constantly putting fear out there. He constantly undermines President Trump’s very optimistic, and what I would also say, very scientifically based and conscious way of opening up the economy and the society in our communities. Fauci undermines them. I think it’s something I think he needs to go.”