There are two varieties of evil in this world, say Theologians. One is “moral evil”, like the 9/11 terror attacks, caused by a human agent. The other is “natural evil”, the kind with no human intent, but the sort of plagues like the Coronavirus existing in the world since the original fall of Creation. Christina Stanton has the unique experience of surviving them both. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Christina talks about her relationship with God during 9/11, and compares it to today nearly 20 years later, as she battled the Coronavirus in a Florida Hospital for seventeen days. In both cases she nearly died, but she faced them in totally different ways because of her relationship with God then, and now. She was originally a guest on the podcast last September when she released her memoirs of surviving the terror attacks, of how she and her husband fled their Lower Manhattan apartment with the clothes on their backs. Then she felt utterly alone, that she really had not known God, and did not understand the tumult he was allowing her to face. But today, as she lay in her ICU bed physically alone, she didn’t feel alone. That God was with her, that His promises are real. As she says in her diary, “The name of Jesus is powerful, and I know that. I invoked that power in a way I never have in the past. I really feel God is answering all the prayers that have gone up for me and my prayers to Him.”