Fears overs the coronavirus and the economy have made the last few weeks very stressful for all Americans. Adding to the anxiety of this time has been seeing empty shelves at the grocery store and the inability to find basic household items like toilet paper.

In fact, even as other staples have been re-stocked and have become more available, toilet paper still remains hard to find for many shoppers.

Earlier this week, Jim Luke, an economics professor at Lansing Community College and former strategist for a toilet paper distribution company, joined host Dave Anthony on the Fox News Rundown to explain why bathroom tissue remains so elusive.

In the original segment, Luke gave incredible insight on how the toilet paper and retail industries work. He also explained why consumer are more likely to panic purchase an item like a toilet paper over other basic necessities.

There however was a lot of things you did not hear Jim Luke say because the interview was too long and we could not fit it all in our original segment.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra you'll hear our entire conversation and economist sharing more of his views on the economic impact of the coronavirus and the debate over reopening the economy. Plus, even more fascinating toilet paper insight.