Covid-19 has impacted all Americans in some way, from Americans being forced not to work, to social distancing and staying away from loved ones etc. TV host and author Mike Rowe weighs in on the coronavirus outbreak's effect on the middle class and what worries him most about the plight of the blue-collar worker. Plus Rowe discusses his Facebook show Returning the Favor, where he travels the country to shine a light on people making a positive difference in their communities even during the pandemic.

It was a month ago today, President Trump announced federal social-distancing guidelines in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Since then, millions of Americans have been working from home and trying to stay at least six-feet away from others. That also includes Fox News Channel National Correspondent Laura Ingle, who has been working from her guest room for weeks. She discusses how social distancing is impacting her family, her job and her community, where she noticed her neighbors finding interesting ways to share information and bond.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Correspondent at Large, Geraldo Rivera.