Western Christians have just celebrated Easter, but the Orthodox and Eastern Christians will celebrate this weekend. They're on two different calendars, but still worship the same Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Pastor Steven Khoury lives in the Cradle of Christianity, Jerusalem and Bethlehem; The latter where Jesus was born, the former where He was crucified, buried and resurrected. The region is also the epicenter of the other two major religions; Judaism and Islam, and as such has a unique spiritual challenge to the Coronavirus pandemic. Khoury is an Arab Christian, one of a few thousand, perhaps even as much as 30,000 born again Christians living in Israel made up of Arabs, former Muslims and Jews seeking a relationship with Christ. Khoury founded and runs Holy Land Missions, in a land divided by religious and political conflict. And yet he says, all three faiths should be asking God the same question about the COVID-19 pandemic. "The question shouldn't be why? But, God, what are you trying to tell us?" And the answer is most definitely that God doesn't just want us to do right things and be good people, but to turn to Him as our foundational trust. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Pastor Khoury explores the spiritual impact of COVID-19 and power of faith in the land of God's promises and covenants.