Donna Brazile: You Can Give People Money But We Really Need One Another

On FOX Across America With Jimmy Failla, Fox News contributor and former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile explained why the money Congress is approving for all Americans to receive during the coronavirus outbreak is no substitute for what people can do for each other.

“I’m trying to be that young girl who was taught as at a young age to care for one another, to care for our neighbors, and to be a loving soul. So this is a very difficult period. People are dying. They’re going into the hospital on a Monday and dying on a Thursday. And I’m worried. I’m worried about not just the physical health of our nation, but the mental and spiritual health. You can you can give me a hundred dollars, you can give me a thousand dollars, but if I have nothing but money, that’s not enough to survive. We need more than just resources, we need one another.”