Former Reagan Economic Policy Advisory Board member Art Laffer came on the Brian Kilmeade Show to talk about the current state of the economy as well as the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package just passed by the Senate. Dr. Laffer expressed optimism that this is only a temporary dip in what has otherwise been a strong economy.

“It’s so sad that we had this coronavirus thing come in there and take us from about the best economy ever and it did knock us off the block, it did that, but once the coronavirus is gone I fully expect us to come back to our prior high levels because the same policies, the same president, the same team’s in place and I think we’re going to be in fine shape in a while,” he said.

Dr. Laffer went on to explain we should not focus too much on the just released record unemployment numbers because once businesses start to benefit from the relief package, most workers will get their jobs back.

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