Earlier on the Fox News Rundown, we spoke to former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. about the end of the impeachment trial and Speaker Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripping up the president's speech after Tuesday's State Of The Union.

Host Jessica Rosenthal talked to the Democrat about the division in the country and if healing is in the cards anytime soon.

Rep. Ford says healing the country depends on the President and the election. He told us he hoped President Trump would eventually move on after his acquittal.

However, Ford didn't just call out the president and the Republicans. He targeted members of his own party too. He was very critical of Speaker Pelosi's actions during the State of the Union and explained why he thinks Senator Bernie Sanders winning the Democrat nomination would only divide the country more.

The conversation with Congressman Ford was far ranging and while we had to edit it down for time we think you'd like to hear the whole thing.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra, you will hear our complete, unedited conversation with Rep. Ford and get his full take on the politics of today.