"We're Momming Today" with Giada Oates and her mom Toni Imperiale. They're blowing the whistle on school bullying -- with actual whistles. Oates is 10 years old and puts a whistle around her neck as she heads to school each day. She says her whistle has become an essential part of her outfit. Oates not only wears one to fend off the bullies at her New Jersey middle school after an unfortunate incident back in December, but she has also given them out to fellow students, as this mother-daughter tag-team works to spark a nationwide movement to stand up against bullying.

We reached out to the school's Board of Education who provided the following statement:

"While the Hackensack Board of Education cannot speak on this matter due to student confidentiality, student safety and security is an ongoing critical priority and conduct which is inconsistent with our Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.  I can confirm that the District takes all student safety matters seriously and will continue to investigate all student incidents promptly and take all appropriate action, when necessary to maintain a school culture and climate appropriate for learning.

The District has in-service training programs for all employees to enable them to recognize and appropriately respond to safety and security concerns, including emergencies and crises, and has developed school safety plans, procedures and mechanisms for school safety and security."