Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be meeting with her colleagues to discuss releasing the articles of impeachment to the Senate this week. Iona College Political Science Professor and Senior Advisor & Practice Lead AT Research Dr Jeanne Zaino weighs in on what might happen next and whether Pelosi's strategy to delay the Senate trial paid off.

Since the 2001 terrorist attack against the United States on September 11th, life hasn't been the same, especially  for the spouses and families of the first responders who lost their lives trying to save others. The Tunnels to Towers Foundation is devoted to assisting those families by helping them pay their mortgages. Founder and CEO of the Tunnels to Towers Foundation Frank Siller joins the Rundown to explain the inspiration behind the organization and how it is expanding its mission by providing support for the families of all fallen police officers and firefighters.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Contributor Jonah Goldberg.