President Trump campaigned generally on the idea of bringing troops home from certain regions.

But more than three years into his presidency, thousands of troops are still stationed throughout the Middle East.

The recent hostilities with Iran once again raised the question, will there ever be an end to what even President Trump has called "endless wars."

Earlier this week on the Fox News Rundown, we looked at the debate over whether it is time to bring out troops home from Iraq and the middle east.

One of the guests we spoke to was Republican Congressman Mike Waltz from Florida. Waltz is also an army officer still serving in the national guard and is veteran of the War in Afghanistan.

Waltz was open about both the political and strategic realities of America withdrawing from the region. While he understands why Americans are tired of fighting 'endless wars,' he explained the important of maintaining a presence in hostile places like Iraq.

Because of time, we could not include our full conversation with Rep. Waltz, who had a lot to say about the current conflict in Iran and America's military strategy throughout the world.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra, you will hear our full conversation with veteran and Congressman Mike Waltz and hear his full take on whether it's time America leaves the Middle East.