The two-day NATO summit in London, England ended abruptly for President Trump when he canceled a planned news conference with reporters yesterday. This came following some tense moments as well as the emergence of a leaked video showing some world leaders appearing to mock the president. FOX's Simon Owen explains what happened and what this means for our relationship with the international community.

It's not all about impeachment. The Supreme Court plans to tackle several big issues that could greatly influence the 2020 election. FOX News and host of Livin' the Bream Shannon Bream joins today's FOX News Rundown to discuss which cases can have an impact on voting in the upcoming Presidential election. She also weighs in on the possibility of President Trump getting a third nominee for the Supreme Court, and whether Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would sidestep his so-called "Garland Rule" and fill a vacancy on the high court despite it being an election year.

Plus, commentary by FOX News anchor and host of RIDDLE on Fox Nation, Eric Shawn.