Livin’ The Bream Podcast

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Livin’ The Bream Podcast

FNC Chief Legal Correspondent and host of FOX News @ Night Shannon Bream shares inspirational stories, personal anecdotes and an insider’s perspective on actions and rulings from the high court.

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This week, Shannon sits down with author & host of The Eric Metaxas Show, Eric Metaxas, to discuss his new book Is "Atheism Dead?"

This week, Shannon sits down with Anne Graham Lotz & Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright to discuss their new book, Jesus Followers: Real-Life Lessons for Igniting Faith in the Next Generation.

This week, Shannon sits down with New York Times Bestselling Author and Pastor, Max Lucado, to discuss his new book. Listen now!

This week, Shannon sits down with Joel Rosenberg to discuss his new book, "Enemies and Allies."

This week, Shannon sits down with Editor for the Style section of The Washington Post, Amy Argetsinger, to discuss her new book, "There She Was: The Secret History of Miss America."

This week, Shannon sits down with the Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief, Jenny Yang to discuss the details of the situations on the ground in Afghanistan and Haiti.

This week, Shannon sits down with Vivek Ramaswamy to discuss his new book Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam.

This week, Shannon sits down with Paralympian & Veteran, Freddie De Los Santos, to discuss his journey of post-war recovery with help from the Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

This week, Shannon sits down with Charlie Camosy to discuss his new book, Losing Our Dignity: How Secularized Medicine is Undermining Fundamental Human Equality.

Shannon sits down with Will Ostan, retired Major and founder and CEO of Arc of Justice, to talk about the inspiration behind his organization and where it stands today. 

This week, Shannon sits with Dr. Marty Makary to discuss his new book, The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care--and How to Fix It.